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Installation Rails & Filtration System

Installation Rails & Filters   Professional Installation  

Included in our installation rails are compression fittings to connect to the mains, a non return valve, a pressure reducing valve & a water block (to reduce the risk of flooding).

Then depending on the individual rail:

  1. We add a carbon block filter candle (FILTCAR) to remove the taste and odour of chlorine. This makes the (PFRAILKIT) kit, which is most commonly used for water coolers & boilers installed in soft water areas.
  2. The (PFRAILKITNANO) kit exchanges the carbon block candle with a highly pharma rated nano filter candle. The nano filter material removes 99.9% of cryptosporidium, e coli, giardia etc. This is the preferred choice for hospitals, hospices, schools etc. Both carbon block & nano filter candles can be disposed with household waste. The filter housing (FILTHOU) which both filter candles fit into is reuseable & thereby reduces plastic waste.
  3. For Boilers installed in hard water areas we provide a scale removal brita filter (FILTC150). The kit you will need for this is the (BFRAILKIT).
  4. For boilers & coolers in a hard water area with separate chilled & hot water inlets, we provide an installation rail with 2 filters (BPFRAILKIT). This includes a carbon block candle for the chilled water inlet & a scale removal filter for the hot water inlet.
  5. Finally, we supply the installation rail without filters (PRAILKIT) which allows customers to use their own.

This video shows a professional connection of a POU Water Cooler to the Water Mains using a WRAS approved POU Installation Rail

Rail & Carbon Filter
  Rail & Nano Filter
  Rail & Scale Filter
  Rail with Carbon & Scale Filter
  Installation Rail
Filter Housing
  Nano Filter Candle
  Carbon Filter Candle
  Brita Scale Filter
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