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FONT10CL Wall Mounted Fountain with Contact-Less Swan Neck Tap


FONT10CL Wall-Mounted Drinking Fountain With Contactless Swan Neck Tap

Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain With Infra Red Sensor For Hands Free Bottle Filling For Indoor Or Covered Outdoor Installation

Product Specification
  • The Infra Red Sensor is activated by a hand hovering over the Infra Red Sensor at a distance of 2cm to 5cm
  • The Sensor is connected to an Inlet Solenoid valve which opens the water supply when activated, and stops the water flowing when the hand is removed
  • The Solenoid Valve is powered by two 3V batteries with a tested life span of 86.000 Solenoid activations
  • The Contactless Swan Neck tap is programmed to stop dispensing after 6seconds. If that is insufficient to fill your glass or bottle, place your hand againover the sensor to continue dispensing
  • The FONT10CL provides ambient water. It can be connected to an Under-sink Chiller to provide chilled water
  • Dimensions (MM): 220H X 310W X 345D  (Tap +300H) 
  • Weight: 2.7Kg
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