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Font 30

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FONT 30 (Unchilled Mains Water)
Easy to install, cost effective & tough, a bottle filler with bubbler for inside, & covered outdoor installation in schools,
institutions & public access spaces.

Product Specification
  • A solid Manual Push Button Bottle Filler and JoyStick Bubbler, made of high grade Stainless Steel
  • The FONT 30 connects straight into the mains supply providing unchilled water
  • We recommend to use our Plumbing and Filter Kit to connect to the mains supply providing unchilled water
  • The FONT30 can also be connected to a our UC800 Undersink Chiller to dispense chilled water
  • Easy to install, simple to maintain and cost effective, the FONT 30 meets the growing need of accessible Drinking Water for all

Dimensions (MM):  750H, 330W, 370D  

Weight (Kg): 12.5

Installation Brochure: 
Brochure Thumb: 
Installation Thumb: